Powersports Dealers Embrace Innovative FinTech

There’s a reputation that the powersports industry isn’t as technologically savvy as the automobile space (those nerds), but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t lenders and other companies who are pushing innovative programs to boost sales for powersports dealers.

For example, MotoLease LLC introduced a new rewards program in July called MotoCoin, in which customers earn points by making on-time monthly payments in return for a reduced rate after accumulating a certain number of points. The benefit to consumers is obvious, but dealers also gain an advantage with MotoCoin, according to Managing Partner Emre Ucer.

“We take [MotoCoin] very seriously for a couple of reasons,” Ucer told Powersports Finance. “It’s helping us because it encourages the customer to make monthly payments, it helps the dealer because it gives them another tool in order to get a sale with a customer, and it helps the customer because it gives them the chance to win a gift card and reduce monthly payments. Everybody benefits from it.”

While not a finance company, Rollick Outdoor Inc. produces retail marketing technology for powersports, RV, and soon marine dealers. The company enables a widget on dealership websites for special offers. Rollick helps enable powersports discounts to 2,500 organizations via a network of employee benefit platforms and direct partnerships with insurers. For example, if you work at Walmart and are shopping online for a motorcycle, you are eligible for a discount at a partnered dealership.

The concept of Rollick’s business is admittedly difficult to explain, which one would think would be a challenge when pitching to potential customers, but dealerships have been embracing the platform, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development Jason Nierman told Powersports Finance.

“I would say, generally, speaking, [dealers] embrace it and the reason is there haven’t been a lot of companies like Rollick that have entered their categories to help them with technology,” Nierman said. “Obviously, there are website providers that help them with their websites, managing online traffic, search optimization, and all that. We allow them to go a little bit further and take advantage of some of these trends through the relationships that we have with these affinity groups and through the technology that we are giving them to provide a really nice experience for the consumer when they get to the dealership.”

Rollick has partnerships with 150 powersports dealerships and is seeking to add lenders to the platform as well.

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