Powersports Market ‘Evening Out,’ Analysts Say

Evening RoadThe powersports market is “a little slower than usual,” with only a 1% to 2% retail value increase across the segments from February to March, Scott Yarbrough, editor of Black Book Official Motorcycle & Powersports Value Guide, told Powersports Finance. “Usually we would see bigger increases at this time of year,” he added.

“The market is increasing but just not quite the extremes we’ve seen in years past,” he said. Retail values have “never dropped as low, so they don’t rebound quite as high this time of year, and decreases in the fall were less than usual.” This has caused the market to “even out,” he said, which in part has to do with warmer winter weather, but also “it’s a reflection of the market stabilizing.”

Motorcycles are much better across the country, and consumers can ride a motorcycle much longer in warmer states, Yarbrough said. “There’s much more ability to move units from one region of the country to the other which helps equalize some of the slower seasons in a way that didn’t’ exist five, six, or seven years ago. Transportation is getting more sophisticated in moving vehicles more easily.” These factors all contribute to a general upwards trend, he added.

The ability to purchase inventory online has provided dealers “a lot more ability to buy from areas outside of their typical geographic base,” Eric Lawrence, Black Book’s director of specialty products, told Powersports Finance. “Now they can look at everything on a nationwide basis and pick up what they need. A lot of that has taken away the seasonality, some of the guys in the warmer areas are able to source vehicles to people in colder areas, and this helps even out the market, so there are not as many crazy swings. This method allows them to transport vehicles at the proper time of year.”

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