Powersports Servicer Eyes More Lender Clients

Portfolio Financial Services Company is looking to grow its customer base 15% in all the industries that it services — which includes powersports, President John Enyart told Powersports Finance.

“Certainly, our initiatives are growth, so we want to expand our population of clients that we provide services to, and that’s very true within the powersports sector,” Enyart said. “We want to land powersports clients. We want to grow our relationship and our service offerings with existing clients, and we want to do whatever we can to support that industry.”

PFSC is a third-party servicer that manages the portfolios for financial companies in industries such as powersports, automotive, and home improvement. PFSC services more than 50 portfolios that total $12 billion, but it does not break that down separately for powersports.

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In addition to working to grow its customer base, the Portland, Ore.-based company is enhancing its technology. “We’re making some meaningful investments in technology that will make us more efficient and will provide for a more robust end-user experience,” Enyart said. “Those are things like custom web portals that people can log into and transact more business with us electronically than they used to be able to do, potentially providing broader payment options to clients.”

Ultimately, the goal is to ensure that every consumer has “as many different payment options and channels available to them as possible,” he added.

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