Retail Marketing Tech Company Seeks Lender Partners

Rollick Outdoor Inc., which enables a widget on powersports, RV, and soon marine dealer websites for special offers, is “far down the path” towards partnering with financial companies in the market, Co-Founder and Head of Business Development Jason Nierman told Powersports Finance.

Rollick helps enable powersports discounts to 2,500 organizations via a network of employee benefit platforms and direct partnerships with insurers. If an employer provides these benefits, employees can receive specialized powersports rates at 150 dealerships. For example, Walmart employees can go to a partner dealers website, click “special offers” next to the vehicle of their choice, and input their employment information for extra savings. Other affiliate partners such as State Farm and Progressive offer quotes to their members.

The consumer will then have the ability to work out a customized quote on the vehicle with the dealer. The benefit to lenders is the ability to see when consumers are validated on the website and interested in buying a bike.

“[We can say to] someone validated as a Progressive customer that there’s an opportunity to get a direct loan with that credit union or one of these other finance companies that are captives for some of the manufacturers,” Nierman said. “We know what vehicle they are prospecting for, and we can then promote this finance opportunity to the consumer.”

Additionally, Rollick drives consumers to dealers through branded affinity partner buying sites that the company powers. Consumers can search through an inventory from local dealers through, for example, Progressive and save money on their selected vehicle.

Rollick is in talks with multiple types of financial companies, ranging from independent lenders, banks, captives, and credit unions.

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