Revolos Adds OEM Clients to White-Label F&I Products

RpmPlus by Revolos signed two OEMs late last year to white-label its F&I products, and plans to add two more this year, Director of OEM Haley Wright told Powersports Finance.

Atlanta-based Revolos, which inked a similar deal with Triumph Motorcycles back in 2012, offers ancillary products like priority maintenance and extended service contracts under the brand name RpmPlus. OEMs typically white-label RpmPlus and offer the products to their dealer networks.

Wright declined to name the newly signed OEMs but said that the white-label products will launch with the first two OEMs this quarter.

Currently, RpmPlus works with 1,000 dealers.

“2019 is going to be very busy for us in terms of OEM partnership because each of these OEM opportunities will bring us additional dealerships that we’re currently not signed up with,” Wright said. “So, for instance, the two that we’ll be launching this quarter, they will bring us an additional 400 new dealers.”

Another benefit of partnering with OEMs is that it allows dealers access to branded products to sell to OEM-loyal consumers, giving them another tool to sell F&I products, Wright added.

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