Rollick Joins Innovative Program to Provide Data to Dealerships

Matthew Wood

Rollick Outdoor, a powersports buying program that offers special discounts and integrates with online buying portals for dealerships, is the first company to join a new incubator program for innovative startups called Innovation Catalyst.

The program is run by CDK Global, a dealer management system and CRM, which dealerships can utilize for services such as title registration. The partnership program is meant to support early stage, innovative companies that are coming into the space to help them with creating better tools and to understand data. 

Specifically, Rollick is the first CDK Partner Program member to be integrated into the dealer management system of CDK Global Recreation, which serves the powersports, RV and marine industries. Through its partnership with CDK, Rollick will gain access to performance data that it can share with dealers that also utilize CDK. 

“Many of our dealers ask us to analyze close rates for them,” Bernie Brenner, chief executive of Rollick, told Powersports Finance. “They are spending money in a whole variety of places, and they want to understand what their close rates are. When a dealer asks this of us, it’s much easier to get the data by having a direct relationship with CDK. We can get the sales information and then we will report back to the dealer what their close rates are so they can see how we are performing.”

Dealers who use Rollick have a close rate two to three times higher than a dealer’s standard close rate. This is due to customers developing more loyalty to the dealership through the discounts that Rollick’s affinity partners provide.

Rollick partners with dealerships and affinity programs to provide customers an easier buying experience. In addition to creating a branded website for affinity partners, the company also provides widgets on a dealer’s website that allows members of those affinity groups to receive discounts on their vehicles.

Rollick works with a variety of affinity partners such as State Farm and Progressive Insurance. The company is in negotiations to signs banks, captives, lenders, and credit unions to its platform. 

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