RumbleOn Delays Entry Into Boat, RV Sectors

RumbleOn has delayed the addition of boats and RVs to its online marketplace for buying, selling, trading, and financing preowned powersports vehicles until the third quarter in order to prioritize expanding into the automobile market, Chief Executive and Founder Marshall Chesrown told Powersports Finance.

Previously, RumbleOn had targeted the powersports vehicles to become available on its website in the first quarter, but pushed the launch back after it entered the automobile market “faster than expected” with two acquisitions, Chesrown said. The company acquired preowned vehicle distributors AutoSport-USA last month and Wholesale Inc. in November 2018.

“We were going to do automotive in the third quarter of 2019, and when we made the [Wholesale] acquisition, we flipped automotive in place of boat and RV,” Chesrown said. “We don’t want to be tackling two huge segments at one time.”

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RumbleOn plans to be an online source for any vehicle with a VIN, and wants to add boats and RVs because it thinks there’s “a huge area of demand” for those segments, Chesrown previously told PSF.

Meanwhile, RumbleOn will list cars and trucks on its website around May 1, offering cash to consumers looking to sell or trade in their vehicles, Chesrown added. The addition will coincide with a redesign of the RumbleOn site to list all its vehicle segments, including boats and RVs, which will be labeled as “coming soon,” he said.

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