Scooter OEM Seeks New Revenue Stream Through Atlanta Subscription Service

Torrot Electric Europa SA is offering a cheaper, short-term option to ride its electric scooters with the debut of the Muving subscription service to the Atlanta market last month.

Torrot, whose core business is manufacturing and selling scooters, wanted to add a mobility option for consumers, Co-Founder Ivan Contreras told Powersports Finance. “One [way that we do business] is that in our fleet we don’t need the floorplan, of course, because we manufacture the bikes and we deploy in the cities, and we make revenue day by day,” Contreras said.

The scooter model is called Muvi and is manufactured by the Girona, Spain-based OEM, which specializes in urban mobility. The Atlanta program is Torrot’s first foray into the U.S. mobility space, having launched several programs in Europe.

Muving created the software used on the backend of the subscription service’s app. Should customers prefer to purchase a Muvi scooter rather than pay $0.35 per minute in the subscription program, one Atlanta dealership sells the bike, which is listed online starting at $4,000. Consumers can also visit any of the 80 partner dealerships across the country that sell and finance Torrot’s various brands.

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