Simplicity, Training Add Value to Lending Tech

FORT WORTH, Texas — As the powersports industry becomes more tech-savvy, lenders should stick with functional and simple design features for dealership platforms, attendees learned at PowerSports Finance 2018.

“One of the key elements is making [technology] really simple and easy-to-use to minimize the training need,” said Emre Ucer, managing partner of MotoLease. “It’s great to have all the bells and whistles on the platform that you provide and all the additional tools, but at the end of the day, what you’re trying to accomplish is to fund that deal so that the dealer can close their transaction.”

Simpler technology translates to less dealer training, Ucer said. If the dealer doesn’t understand how to structure the deal using the platform or tools provided, “it becomes all meaningless,” he added.

MotoLease, for one, created a dealer support group at the beginning of the year that serves as a bridge between the credit department and the dealer network. The support group helps dealers navigate the lessor’s tools using email and online chat.

Meanwhile, Peter Wasmer, chief executive and president of Fuel Capital Group, believes that training consists of two components: mechanical and personal interaction.

“The human factor is there,” Wasmer said. “You’ve got to have that, and then you’ve got to get in and teach somebody how to use your system. But if you develop it in a certain way that allows somebody to operate with bumpers, a fairly inexperienced person will be able to put a deal together.”

To teach dealers about how a lease can improve their business and address any questions they may have about the platform, Fuel hosts one-on-one training seminars with dealers. Additionally, the lessor produces training videos that dealers can watch at their convenience.

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