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Amanda Harris
Deputy Editor, Auto Finance News
Andrew Narod
Partner at Bradley
Ashley Cooper
Sr. Group Manager at Yamaha Financial Services
David Gemperle
Partner at Nisen & Elliott, LCC
Donal Hummer
President and Chief Executive Officer of ThunderRoad Financial, LLC
Guillermo Cornejo
Chief Executive Officer of Riders Share
Jason Guss
Chief Executive Officer of Octane
Jeremy F Jansen
Head of Business Development at Wells Fargo Distribution Finance
Jim Woodruff
Chief Executive Officer at National Powersport Auctions
JJ Hornblass
Chief Executive Officer, Royal Media
Joey Pizzolato
Editor, Auto Finance News
Kevin Duck
Chief Risk Officer at Yamaha Financial Services
Riley Wolfbauer
Associate Editor at Auto Finance News
Robert Matt
Finance Director at iMotorsports
Scott Raymer
President at RumbleOn Finance
Scott Yarbrough
Senior Analyst of Motorcycles & Powersports at Black Book
Susan Andersson
Chief Revenue Officer and Head of National Accounts at Sheffield Financial
Tom Collins
Executive Vice President and Managing Director at FreedomRoad Financial
Tony Altieri
Vice President of Business Development at National Powersport Auctions