Sports Bike Auction Volume Climbs Amid Market Decline

Though the volume of sports bikes sold at auction climbed 12% last year, volume of five other vehicle segments declined, according to National Powersports Auction data provided to Powersports Finance. Also, the number of customers for these repossessed and off-lease units recorded a “slight dip” in 2018, NPA said.

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Sports bike was the only segment that saw growth year over year. Motocross (MX) saw the most significant decline, dropping 30% followed by ATVs at 19%, and cruiser-metric at 12%.

Comparing seasonal sales volume, 25.2% of last year’s auction volume was sold in the first quarter, compared with 27.2% in 2017. Second- and third-quarter volumes were higher in 2018 than in 2017, but the reverse dynamic held true in the final quarter of the year.

On a monthly basis, the highest auction volume came in April 2018, when 9.5% of the year’s repossessed and off-lease units were sold, according to NPA.

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