Startup Scooter Manufacturer Aims to Boost Urban Mobility


Nordstom shoppers can pick up an URB-E electric scooter while gift shopping this year, but only through December. The promotional sale is part of startup URBAN626 LLC’s effort to boost sales and brand awareness, said Evan Saunders, the manufacturer’s head of sales and marketing.

URB-E is an American-made, 35-pound, foldable electric scooter built out of carbon fiber.

“For us, it’s really about ensuring people know we exist,” Saunders told Powersports Finance. “We need people who say, ‘Wow, I’ve been looking for this for several years.” The company’s success is thanks, in part, to a successful financing partnership with Wells Fargo & Co., Saunders added.

urb-e-scooterURBAN626 first launched — and began its partnership with Wells Fargo — in September 2015, he said. While the scooters cost only $1,500 on average, the manufacturer still decided to offer financing programs.

“We wanted it to be affordable for everyone,” Saunders said. “So we put two main financing plans in place: One is a 12-month financing plan, which is no interest and no money down for approved credit customers.”

The other program is a 36-month financing plan, with low interest, Saunders explained. “We try to keep that monthly cost low, to enable all people to save money,” he added.

URBAN626 is a “very proud partner” with Wells Fargo, Saunders said, but the company might look into other partnerships in the future. “Are there other solutions out there? Maybe. We are not looking ourselves, but they are reaching out to us. We evaluate them as they come in, but we are a very proud partner with Wells Fargo.”

To date, URBAN626 has sold more than 2,000 vehicles, direct to consumer, through the company’s showroom in Pasadena, Calif., online via Amazon, and — for the holiday season — in select Nordstrom stores, Saunders said.

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