Textron Debuts New ATV 2019 Lineup [Video]

Textron Off Road has unveiled its 2019 all-terrain vehicle lineup headlined by the Alterra 570 ATV.

In addition to the Alterra 570, Textron Off Road is introducing two new ATVs in the 500 class: the Alterra 570 EPS and 570 XT. Powered by a 545 cc engine, the Alterra 570 models boast a premium suspension system and ergonomic design to provide comfort while riding the trails. The vehicle also comes equipped with a 1,050-lb towing capacity, along with front and rear storage racks. Located on the handlebar is the Rapid Traction System, which allows the rider to switch from two-wheel drive to four-wheel drive while the vehicle is in motion.

The price for the Alterra 570 starts at $6,799, while the 570 EPS and 570 EXT are available for $7,499 and $7,999, respectively.  Local dealership can provide information regarding financing opportunities.

The 2019 ATV lineup is completed with the Alterra 700, 700 XT, and new Alterra 700 EPS. With an updated Textron Motors 700 engine, the vehicles offer increased performance and reduced weight, allowing them to spot faster and boast increased maneuverability. The 700 lineup also features an improved clutch calibration for faster back shifting on acceleration.

Consumers can pick up the Alterra 700 for $7,299, the 700 XT for $8,099, and the 700 EPS $8,499.

Completing the 700 lineup is the Alterra TRV 700, a two-person ATV. The vehicle accommodates two people with an extended frame, larger wheelbase, and hand holds in four unique locations. Additionally, the TRV 700 features a quickly removable seat and optional dump box. The TRV 700 is available for $10,999.

There is also more info on the Alterra 570 in action in the video below.

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