ThunderRoad Named Royal Enfield’s Retail Financier

Royal Enfield showcase bike

ThunderRoad Financial will offer retail financing to participating Royal Enfield North America dealers beginning May 1, the companies announced on Monday.

“ThunderRoad provides another opportunity for customers to buy a motorcycle at a dealership,” Royal Enfield President Rod Copes told Powersports Finance yesterday. “We think that it’s important to give consumers many options,” and consumer financing “will lead to higher sales and growth in the U.S.”

“Royal Enfield has a huge history and legacy of building great products,” Donal Hummer Jr., ThunderRoad’s president and chief executive, told Powersports Finance. The company is “known for great performance and high reliability. From our standpoint, it’s a great company to be involved with.”

Nev.-based ThunderRoad will be the sole provider of consumer financing, but Royal Enfield will keep its options open moving forward, Copes said. “We will continue to have a variety of conversations with ThunderRoad to see what [financing options] they can provide,” he said. “If they can’t provide what we think another program might — help sales and give customers the opportunity to buy motorcycles — we might explore other options at that point. But we don’t have any plans to do that in the near term.”

Royal Enfield’s top two focus areas are brand awareness and to build and develop its North American dealer network, Copes said. The motorcycle manufacturer is quickly working towards its goal of signing 100 dealers by the end of the year with “north of 20 dealers” currently, Copes said.

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