Triumph unveils 2020 Tiger 900 lineup

Triumph Motorcycles has revealed the 2020 lineup for its Tiger 900 bikes, the company announced last week.

The lineup is comprised of the Tiger 900; the Tiger 900 GT and GT Pro; and the Tiger 900 Rally and Rally Pro. The bikes feature a 900cc triple engine, state-of-the-art ride-enhancing technology and an aggressive new style. Additionally, the bikes are 11 pounds lighter and have 10% more torque than the Tiger 800 models.

The Tiger 900 models have up to six riding modes: Rain, Road, Sport, Rider, Off-Road, and Off-Road Pro. The bikes also include all-LED lighting with distinctive light pattern and a new secure mobile phone storage with USB charging.

The GT Pro and Rally Pro exclusively include a new integrated “My Triumph” connectivity system, optimized cornering ABS and optimized cornering traction control and new Triumph Shift Assist.

A release date and pricing have not yet been disclosed.

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