Uber Adds Motorcycle Taxi to Offerings


Let it never be said that Uber is not inventive.

The company that brought consumers UberCHOPPER (on demand helicopter rides) and UberSupercars (Lamborghinis, Ferraris, etc.) has now added a motorcycle service in Bangkok to its roster.

Uber announced the addition of UberMOTO on Wednesday. The service was launched as a pilot program in Bangkok to speed up customers’ travels through the city’s severe traffic congestion, according to a company press release.

With over 1,500 new cars hitting the streets of Bangkok daily, commutes now average 120 minutes, according to the release. UberMOTO aims to help “today’s existing infrastructure more efficiently at no extra cost, by giving people smarter mobility options that are more convenient and affordable,” the release said.

UberMOTO will operate just like the company’s car services, and will enable customers to save money and time with a shorter ride on a motorcycle. All motorcycle drivers will be required to offer helmets to their passengers, and must pass the same background checks as the company’s car chauffeurs.

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