Vanderhall seeks 150 dealers by yearend 2020

Vanderhall Motor Works is planning to reach 150 dealers in its network by yearend 2020, Vice President of Sales and Operations Jeff Whaley told Powersports Finance.

“We’re ramping up production to be ready for that goal,” Whaley said. “We’re gearing our entire forecast around us having 100-plus dealers next year. We’re driving marketing dollars that direction, and we’ve got a lot of research to do on where we want our dealers.”

The autocycle manufacturer currently works with 60 dealerships and had planned to reach as many as 100 dealers by yearend. However, Vanderhall stiffened its dealer requirements to at least six units in inventory per store, rather than one or two.

While the OEM initially targeted metric dealers, Vanderhall has found that branded Harley-Davidson and Indian Motorcycle dealerships are more equipped to sell the higher-priced autocycle models.

“When we launched, we went after powersports dealers and a lot of the metric dealers, but what we’re finding out is we need someone comfortable with selling a $40,000 vehicle as opposed to a $7,000 one,” Whaley said. “We’re having some good success with the Harley-Davidson dealerships, the Indian dealerships, and any of the high-end BMW-type dealerships.”

Vanderhall is also targeting dealerships in “populated areas,” because the demographic of a Vanderhall customer is typically older, aging out of motorcycle riding, and financially sound, Whaley added.

To oversee the growing network, the OEM is hiring district sales managers in Texas and the West Coast. Vanderhall is also aiming to improve brand recognition through marketing endeavors and helping its dealer base increase sales. “We have got to provide [dealers] all the tools necessary for them to be incredibly successful with Vanderhall products, and as they’re more successful, the brand will grow,” Whaley explained.

Provo, Utah-based Vanderhall manufactures three-wheeled autocycles. The company has a retail finance partnership with Synchrony Financial.

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