Vehicle Values See ‘Modest’ Growth in May, Black Book Says

Powersports vehicle values may not reach a traditional peak in June after prices in May saw “modest growth” month over month, according to a report from Black Book provided to Powersports Finance.

“June normally sees rather substantial increases in value from May, but that is not the case this month,” Senior Analyst Scott Yarbrough said in the report. “While values are up nearly across the board, it is by modest amounts in most cases. This raises the question if values will peak as usual in early July, or will they perhaps increase a bit more next month?”

Historically, vehicle values peak on July Fourth and then gradually decline “immediately after,” Yarbrough added. Since values did not see as much growth in May, it could mean that values won’t peak until after Independence Day.

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Despite the lower-than-average growth for this time of year, most segments increased in value. Marine segments experienced the most growth in May, with jet boats up 3% and personal watercraft up 2.7%.

Off-road and street bikes were up 2%.

Meanwhile, the cruiser segment was a “mixed bag,” with the metric models lagging behind the domestics, Yarbrough said. Metric cruisers were up 0.7% in vehicle values, while domestic V-twins increased by 1.4% month over month.

“Within the domestics, the entry-level bikes continue to be exceptionally strong, with some models rising by nearly 4%,” he said.

via Black Book

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