The new PowerSports Finance launched today.

PowerSports Finance today released a massive rebranding, its first since the website was launched in early 2016.

The new site has been completely reimagined with a new look, as well as extensive improvements to our site navigation and layout for a more user-friendly experience.

More than 400 news stories have been posted on since its launch. More than 7,000 industry professionals are now visiting the site every month.

PowerSports Finance is published by Royal Media, a specialized information company based in New York.

A significant addition to the site is the PowerDirectory feature. The PowerDirectory lists more than 50 key companies in the powersports finance industry, such as a rundown of industry OEMs.

The site also boasts a new structure and layout, making it easier to read, both online and via smartphone.

PowerSports Finance was launched last year for “this … industry of enthusiasts … embracing that spirit to create an information service that is as exciting and as dynamic as powersports.” The new PowerSports Finance continues with that spirit, refreshed to continue to service the industry with distinction.

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