Wireless GPS Tracking Device Aims for 1Q Launch

PassTime GPS is gearing up to launch a wireless tracking device this quarter.  The smaller size of the device, called Encore, makes it a good fit for powersports vehicles, Vice President of Financial Services Kevin Carr told Powersports Finance.

“Encore is the latest technology breakthrough that addresses a device that can give data to the finance company or collection company without the need to install it with wires,” Carr said. “In the powersports world, it addresses the cumbersome process of installing on a motorcycle, which has a much more limited area to install as opposed to an automobile.”

A typical PassTime GPS device requires a two-wire installation, which a dealership is usually equipped to handle in-store, Carr said. The Encore, which is smaller and easier to hide on a motorcycle, doesn’t require any installation.

Additionally, the Encore addresses the other big concern in the powersports industry when it comes to GPS: power consumption. Previous wired devices from some GPS providers — which weren’t necessarily built with powersports in mind — were hooked right to the battery and drained power from the bike, Carr said. The Encore has its own power source with two-year battery life.

Based in Littleton, Colo., PassTime manufactures GPS products and management platforms for the automotive and powersports industries. Lenders can use GPS tracking to mitigate the risk of subprime loans, using the technology to more easily locate vehicles in the event of repossession. Dealers can likewise sell a GPS to consumers as a theft-recovery device.

PassTime’s clients are currently testing the Encore.

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