Yamaha Leads Off-Road Promotions in March, Analyst Says

Yamaha was the “most aggressive” OEM on a year-over-year basis with March promotions, emphasizing both current and prior year off-road models, BMO Capital Markets Analyst Gerrick Johnson said in a report provided to Powersports Finance.

Yamaha increased promotions on all current-year and most prior-year models, compared to the same time the year prior. ATVs, side-by-sides, and snowmobile were the most heavily promoted.

Yamaha is offering 2.99% financing on 2016 to 2019 models. Current models also have a 10-year automatic transmission belt warranty, while side-by-sides have a $1,000 rebate. Prior-model side-by-sides have rebates as high as $2,500.

The financing promo for new 2020 snowmobiles was 2.99%, with a five-year warranty and $500 toward accessories. By comparison, Yamaha had no current-model snowmobile offers at this time last year.

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Meanwhile, Honda is “aggressively promoting all powersports products” with 0% financing through its Ride Red sales event. Additionally, several models have Bonus Bucks promotions, which are credits for parts and accessories.

Current and prior-year motorcycles, ATVs and side-by-sides are being offered with 0% financing. Honda tacked on $400 in Bonus Bucks for 2019 side-by-sides and $1,200 in Bonus Bucks for 2018.

Last year, side-by-sides were available at a 2.99% financing rate, with Bonus Bucks randing from $250 to $500.

On average, promotions from other OEMs such as Polaris, BRP, and Harley-Davidson remained flat year over year, but were more aggressive when compared with their February offerings, Johnson said.

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