Yamaha to Extend Prepaid Maintenance Product to Boats

Yamaha Motor Finance Corp. USA plans to relaunch its prepaid maintenance product, Y.E.S. Maintenance, expanding it to include boats and personal watercraft, Senior Group Manager of Retail Finance Ashley Cooper told Powersports Finance.

Y.E.S. Maintenance will be rebranded under the name Yamaha P.P.M. The new product will allow consumers to prepay for factory-recommended service visits at the time they purchase the unit at the dealership. The prepaid maintenance can be rolled into the financing of customers’ new-vehicle purchases.

Y.E.S. Maintenance, which had not been updated in a few years, was only available for motorcycles, scooters, and off-road vehicles. “As the times change, as the marketplace has changed for prepaid maintenance, we felt the need to update it as well as to expand into watercraft,” Cooper said.

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Additionally, consumers who pay for Yamaha P.P.M can bring their units to any participating Yamaha dealership nationwide, accommodating customers who are traveling or have relocated. Having a certified Yamaha technician working on the unit helps to increase consumer confidence and inspire them to return to the dealership, Cooper added.

“We wanted to add some more customer value,” Cooper explained. “We’re looking at adding a couple more values by expanding to the watercraft lines, as well as [achieve] our goals to help customers back into the dealerships and help our dealerships take care of those customers.”

Yamaha will roll out the updated product in “mid-to-late June,” Cooper said.

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