Yamaha Unveils Teaser for Adventurous 2019 Side-by-Side [VIDEO]

Yamaha Motor Corp. USA has unveiled its latest side-by-side, the Wolverine X2, in a video post.

The Wolverine X2 is available immediately for the retail price of $12,699. Other variants, which include a mix of different features and aesthetics, are available for prices ranging up to $15,000. Yamaha is offering financing as low as 1.99% APR for 24 months on the side-by-side.

The Wolverine X2 is configured with a two-person cab and was designed to handle work, play, and exploration. The vehicle boasts a newly designed 600-pound-rated piston-assist dump bed with an impressive 2,000-pound towing capacity. With its new, quiet 847-cc twin cylinder engine, riders can enjoy conversation while navigating tight terrain in the Wolverine X2.

Designed to handle rough terrain, the Wolverine X2’s transmission can accommodate more than 60 pounds-foot of torque. Additionally, the vehicle eliminates slipping and slamming of the belt when at idle or engaged, reducing heat and improving durability in high-torque situations.

The new side-by-side comes pre-wired for the all-new Yamaha Adventure Pro GPS powered by Magellan, which the OEM also unveiled.  The device allows maps to be saved for offline use and users can continue to navigate, backtrack, and receive off-road trail warnings and other guidance features without cell signal. The Adventure Pro also includes social features, such as the ability to share trail maps, locations, lap times, trail ratings, photos, and updates with friends or the public through popular social channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Check out the video below to see it in action:

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