Side-by-Side Auction Volume Grows 50% in February

Side-by-sides saw a 50% increase in auction volume in February, driven by activity from a “large volume customer,” according to data National Powersport Auctions provided Powersports Finance.

The driver of the volume growth comes from “system changes” the customer made in the fourth quarter of 2018 that “wouldn’t allow them to release the units to auction,” NPA Director of Business Development Tony Altieri told PSF. This caused “expected delays” of volume growth as the units were held and collected until February, the report added.

The peak in volume will ultimately benefit pricing for the spring. “Historically, spring pricing is the strongest when volume is the highest,” Altieri added. “Having a lot of volume this time of year is a best-case scenario for a seller.”

Side-by-sides experienced the single largest percentage-based increase of all vehicle categories. Domestic cruisers rose 11%, and off-road motorcycles (MX) increased 30% year over year.

Meanwhile, sport bikes declined the most of any segment, dropping more than 20% year over year. Metric cruisers followed, declining 10% year over year.

via NPA

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